Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cooking 101: Cutting Fresh Basil

Have you ever had great recipes that calls for chopped fresh basil? My favorite one is Strawberry Bruschetta, that's topped with strands of basil. But chopping basil isn't necessarily easy, until I learned a new way that's simple. Plus, it will get the perfect strand that you want.

Start by flattening out a single basil leaf. Then,  roll it up like a tortilla, similar to what is pictured
on the right side. Depending of how thick or thin you would like the strands, wrap it tightly or loosely.

Then, make your slices longways along your wrapped basil leaf. Visually speaking, think of how you would slice a rolled up tortilla filled with cream cheese and veggies.  Once your done, repeat with the rest of your basil leaf and you will get something that looks like the bottom picture!

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