Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cooking 101: Growing Green Onions

Whether its cooking pad thai or just eggs, adding green onions can make your dishes really create fireworks of flavor. The issue at hand is having to continuously buy bunches from the grocery store every week, because the cost can add up. So, why not grow them in your own kitchen!

All you need is to take your leftover green onion bunches, and cut them down to about an inch. Just put them in a cup of water, similar to the picture. Then, just make sure you put the glass near a window so the bunches get plenty of sunlight. I'd change the water about every two day, because then you have fresh water

Before you know it, you'll have grown your next bunch of green onions. Once they grow, use scissors to trim what you need. Then, start again! You'll probably get a few bunches from regrowing   just one bunch!

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