Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cooking 101: Reheating Rice & Pasta

       When it comes to reheating leftovers, you often get the "It doesn't taste the same," or "I just throw out my leftovers." Well I pulled out my detective kit to figure out why rice and noodles don't taste the same when they're reheated. I found a simple solution so your dish tastes the same as when you first took it off the stove.

  Now, the problem I realized is that noodles and rice become extremely dry once they're reheated. In other words, all the moisture escapes, leaving a horrible uncooked taste.


   Reheating Rice & Pasta
- 1 tbs. of water
- 1 paper towel or napkin

Next time you have leftover rice or pasta, put it in a separate bowl that can go in the microwave. Take 1 tbs. of water and drizzle it over the top. Then, take a spoon and mix the rice or noodles with the water. I usually will eyeball how much water I use because you feel if there's enough moisture on it. I would say 1tbs. of water for every cup or so of noodles of pasta.

After that's all done put a paper towel on top to cover the bowl. The idea here is the paper towel will help keep the steam in, which keeps the moisture in. Reheat as desired and stir. Once it's warm enough, take the bowl out of the microwave and take a taste. It'll feel like your dish was made the same day and you'll say, " Why didn't I think of that?"

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