Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cooking 101: Tired of brown avocado's?

   One of my biggest pet peeves is when I want to use an avocado for a recipe, but I don't need all of it. 

What do I do with it? Throw it away and waste it? The answer is no, because I finally came up with a solution that helps to keep more money in my pocket, more avocado's in my apartment and a smile on my face.

It's honestly really simple, and it just involved a little bit of science and a bit of police work. So put on your lab coat, police badge and let's begin.

My hypothesis: why does an avocado turn brown?
Answer: It turns brown when exposed to oxygen.
So in order to avoid it going bad, I decided to be a detective and stop this criminal called air' from stealing my fresh avocado's. 

- 1 avocado with pit inside
- Saran wrap

All you have to do is pull off about a couple inches of saran wrap. Put it over the open part of the avocado and make sure it hugs around the pit. The point is to have it touch each part of the avocado and act like a vacuum seal. It's easiest if you have one hand holding the saran wrap on the pit, while the other presses it down against the avocado.  

By doing this, it will keep your avocado green for about 2 days. Don't worry if you have a tiny brown spot or two the next day. Just take a spoon and scrape that thin layer off, and enjoy your leftover avocado.

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