Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Sandwich with Fruit Bees

It's back to school time for students all across the country and that means parents will be packing school lunches. But how can you use lunches to help your kids deal with those back to school jitters?
The ideas are meant to get a smile from your kids as well as help you connect with them while they’re away.

Winnie the Pooh Sandwich Ingredients
- 2 slices of bread
- Favorite jelly
- Peanut Butter
- Honey
- Banana

What makes this unique is you're going to carve a Winnie the Pooh face into the sandwich. The idea is to make a circular face first, with little ears at the top. Start with a little square at the top, then round one side at the top for the first ear, and then round the second for the second ear. Finally, take your knife in a circular motion to create Pooh's round face.

Then do the same with the other half, and peel off the crusts. Just add the peanut butter, jelly, honey and banana on top, then cover it. The final touches are his face. Slice some chocolate licorice in pieces to resemble eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose and use peanut butter as your glue. Then you have Winnie the Pooh!

Pineapple Fruit Bees Ingredients
- Pineapple
- Hershey's magic shell
- Peanut butter
- Chocolate chips
- Toothpicks

Start by slicing your pineapple into an oval shape. Then take a toothpick and use it to place the Hershey's Magic Shell on the pineapple. It will be a bit runny, but just put them in the fridge and it will harden. Once that's complete just take two chocolate chips, and put peanut butter on the bottom. This will serve as your glue and place them on your bee. Lastly, cut out two small triangles to place next to the bees body and there you have it!

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