Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breakfast Omelette Muffins

With kids on summer vacation that means it’s the season to find activities to do with your family. But why not spend some time in the kitchen cooking with your kids so they can learn while having a bit of fun.

I came up with an easy breakfast recipe that gets the kids out of bed and into the kitchen. It's a make-your-own breakfast muffin, which has an easy cleanup too.

Breakfast Omelette Muffins Ingredients

1 Green pepper
1 Red pepper
1/4 c. Bacon bits
½ Onion
Dozen eggs
4 tbs. Milk
½ c. Cheddar
1 tbs. Oregano
1 tbs. Parsley
Salt & pepper to taste

Start by chopping up all the vegetables and bacon, which the adult should do. Then help your kids whisk together the eggs and milk in a separate bowl with all the seasonings. It’s great opportunity to help them learn. The idea is to whisk the eggs like you do when you're making scrambled eggs.
Then what you want to do is use cupcake liners to line your muffin tin. The recipe makes 12 muffins and this will keep your eggs from sticking to the tin itself. Think of one egg per muffin. Then, spray the liners with cooking spray, because eggs like to stick to the liner too. Plus, with liners it makes for easy cleanup.
The fun part comes where kids get to build their own muffin. Kids get to put in how much pepper, onions and bacon they want in each muffin. The best part is you can add other ingredients like sausage, ham, mushrooms, spinach. It's honestly what your tastebuds prefer. The recipe included bacon and cheddar because that's the true heart of Wisconsin.

Once all your fix-ins is put into each muffin make sure your vegetables or meat only takes up about 1/4 of the muffin cup. Then, pour in the egg mixture almost to the top of the liner. You don’t want to overfill these, because these will rise in the oven a little bit, and you don't want them to overflow.

After everything is added, let the kids sprinkle how much cheese they want, because living in Wisconsin you have to eat cheese for breakfast. I use cheddar because it's my favorite, but you can use parmesan, asiago, or any other kind, just make sure the cheese is shredded.

Then, you pop these in the oven for about 25 minutes on 350 degrees. You'll know when they’re ready when you put a toothpick in them and the eggs are no longer runny. Once they’re done, they will look nice and brown on the top. Then you and your family can sit down and enjoy a home cooked breakfast together.

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