Saturday, March 16, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Surprise

If you want an easy start to your day, then look no further than this healthy breakfast surprise. After you look at the ingredients, you'll see what's healthy and what's the surprise. 

Healthy Breakfast Surprise Ingredients
              - 1 English muffin
              - 1 tbs. of butter
              - 2 eggs
              - 1 tbs of milk
              - 1 slice of bacon
              - 1 slice of cheddar
              - 1 slice of tomato
              - 2 tbs. of store bought guacamole
              - Salt & pepper to taste
                Makes 1 Sandwich 

Start by cracking your eggs in a bowl, and add your 2 tbs of milk. Then whisk your eggs using a fork. I use a fork because its faster and easier than a whisk when it comes to eggs. Then, melt 1 tbs. of butter in a small skillet, making sure to move it around the entire pan.

Then, pour your mixture into a small, medium heated skillet. Watch the eggs until the mixture solidifies and use a wooden spoon to scrape the eggs from the bottom of the pan, and separate the pieces.

While these continue to cook, start heating up your 1 slice of bacon in the microwave. I cook mine on 80% power for about 2 minutes.

In the meantime, go back to your eggs and add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Then, remove your eggs from heat. After, your bacon is done and once its cooled, break the bacon into small pieces.
Take your English muffin and put it into the toaster. Once its toasted, take one half and spread your 2 tbs. of store bought guacamole and put your slice of cheddar on top. On the other half, spoon the eggs and sprinkle your bits of bacon. Then, put your sandwich in the microwave for 25 seconds on 80%, or until the cheese is melted. Last but not least, put your tomato slice on one half and put your sandwich together. You'll definitely want to make seconds on this recipe.

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