Monday, February 18, 2013

Cooking 101: A Lid = Perfect Cookie Cutter?

    Why is it always so difficult to find the 
 perfect cookie cutter for a random recipe? Well, it happened to me this past Christmas, which became even more difficult because every cookie cutter around was either a Christmas tree or gingerbread man.

So after I got home, I was cookie cutter less and still needed to make tarts for a party. I've heard of using cups as cookies cutters, but I needed something a lot smaller. 
    I decided to look around my apartment until I finally opened my fridge. There was my answer just smiling up at me. I then grabbed every lid I had and measured their dimensions, because I needed a specific size cookie cutter.

 I felt like I was in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, because I found one that was too big and too small, and then one that was just right. That was my relish lid. All I had to do was clean it and I was in business.

The best way to use your lid is similar to an actual cookie cutter. You find a spot on your dough and press your lid into the dough. You just have to make sure to press down hard enough and rotate the lid side to side to make sure there is a clean cut.

 Then, you take away what you don't need and you have the perfect circle that you didn't have to search countless stores for, but rather its something you can find in the least likely of places.

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